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Webinar: Integrated and Sustainable Solid and Liquid Resource Management (SLRM) Project [CLOSED]

Type of Event: Technical Lecture
Speaker: C. Srinivasan, Project Director & Consultant, Solid and Liquid Resource Management (SLRM), who is also serving as a Resource Person with Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Government of India.
Organizers: Zero Waste Generation Committee, HBCSE
Date: 26 September 2020 | Time: 11.30 am to 12.30 pm

Poster: http://www.hbcse.tifr.res.in/zwgc-poster2020

As we (at HBCSE and as a society) are trying to work towards a more robust waste management system, particularly in current times with pandemic and natural disasters originating from ecological destruction and our ignorance about the same, we are making efforts to take help from noted experts in the field. In this context, the HBSE has organized a Technical Training Lecture by C. Srinivasan on Integrated and Sustainable Solid and Liquid Resource Management .

Vigyan Vidushi 2020 [CLOSED]

Type of Event: Three-week Summer Programme (Online)
Organizers: TIFR, Colaba and HBCSE.
Date and Time: 1-20 June 2020

TIFR Colaba and HBCSE will be conducting the first-ever Vigyan Vidushi programme, an advanced school for women students completing their first-year MSc in Physics. Due to the prevailing COVID19 situation, this programme will be held in an online mode, between June 1 and 20, 2020. The programme will consist of courses on Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Physics and Condensed Matter, Astrophysics, Nuclear and Particle Physics, and Experimental methods. Additionally, there will Special Public Lectures by women scientists in various fields which will be streamed live at the Vigyan Vidushi YouTube channel. For more details, visit http://univ.tifr.res.in/vv2020/vv2020-online.html

Building Educators for Science, Technology and Mathematics (BESTM) Webinar [CLOSED]

Type of Event: Webinar
Organizers: HBCSE
Date and Time: 10 and 11 June 2020, 11am to 12-45pm

The BESTM teacher fellow programme is an academic leadership programme in STEM education, organised under HBCSE’ Centre of Excellence in Science and Mathematics Education (CESME) project. Its goal is to empower teachers and teacher educators to take up leadership roles in the profession in a variety of roles – design of resources, education research, policy and planning. The webinar comprises of various teacher-fellows from across India, presenting their findings from their action-research projects.

10th Annual Research Meet (ARM) [CLOSED]

Type of Event: Research Meet
Organizers: HBCSE
Date and Time: 25-29 May 2020, 10am to 1-30pm.

The 10th ARM was successfully conducted in an online mode. The meet comprised of 18 paper presentations, 6 poster presentations and 2 panel discussions. The participants and audience included students and professionals from HBCSE and outside (like TISS, Delhi University, NGOs). Over 80 attendees were part of the 10th ARM. For more details on the 10th ARM, visit HBCSE’s ARM Website.

Disinfectants, sanitizers and practices for creating a safe living environment in COVID19 period [CLOSED]

Type of Event: Seminar Talk
Speaker: Dr Ankush Gupta (HBCSE)
Date and Time: 21 May 2020, 11:30am (and on 30 May 2020)
Presentation: The updated presentation can be accessed here.
Talk: The talk can be accessed on HBCSE’s YouTube Page.

The presentation explains the types of Human Coronaviruses (HCoVs), the structure of the SARS CoV-2, a brief overview of research results available so far on inactivation of SARS- coronaviruses, properties of common disinfecting and sanitizing chemicals being used currently and safe practices to be followed along with mistakes to avoid while using these chemicals. The presentation also touches upon the effects of such chemicals on environment and human health, waste management aspects coupled with COVID19 situation and long term implications of the current practices.